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All Day Desert Safari with Cultural Program


All Day Desert Safari with Cultural Program

Package Duration : 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM

Tour Highlights:

The All-Day Cultural Safari begins at 11:30 am, with either a Jeep pickup from a scheduled destination or Jeep pickup service from the hostel. With the help of our team, you will enjoy a beautiful Jeep Safari through the dunes of the notorious Rajasthani Thar Desert.
On the journey, you will enter the famous Kuldhara Village. The so-called “Ghost Village” was abandoned overnight by the locals to escape the oppression by a cruel minister. Nowadays, the city has a unique charm, with each of you capable of exploring all the different forms of ruins, as a heritage walk through Kuldhara is included on your safari. With the ability to interact with local villagers, you will get a glimpse of desert village life and learn some history of the people that call this region home. Afterward, under the shade from the desert sun, you will have the opportunity to enjoy authentic Rajasthani cuisine.
Next, you will arrive at a state-of-the-art camping area via camel ride. With the opportunity to capture the mesmerising views of the red sunset from the desert atop a camel, we are confident this is an experience you will never forget. With snacks and water available, it will take us approximately 40 minutes to get from Kuldhara Village to our camping area. Upon arrival, you will greet our team, who are ready to answer any questions you may have.
After a traditional Tika & Aarti welcome with refreshing drinks and tasty snacks, you will witness the spectacle of an extraordinary cultural program. In these cultural programs, you will observe folk dances and traditional singing, getting a true taste and appreciation for Rajasthani culture. The performances include men and women with gorgeous colourful clothes presenting folk and gypsy dances and singing songs that date back generations. Following the performances, we will enjoy a delicious buffet offering a wide variety of Rajasthani dishes. After an incredible day in the Thar desert, our team will transport you back to Jaisalmer around 10:30 pm, with bellies and hearts full of good food and fantastic memories.